As most of you will recognise me as your window cleaner ,and some of you will know that when the ground freezes and consequently the water in my trailer ! I then reach for my rucksack & camera and head for the mountains ! I really couldn’t have organised it any better as generally the colder the weather the clearer the atmosphere and the better the chances are of a good image ,and as it”s usually midweek very few other walkers that get in the way of a timeless image.

I began taking photographs when I was about 5 years old as my father was a keen amateur .His first image was taken in 1926 a shot of Blackpools Big Wheel being dismantled and his best shot was the milkman in Clovelly ,Devon.



EPSON scanner imagebig wheel dismantled 1926 Initially he owned as many did in the 1920’s a Kodak Brownie later followed by a Ziess super Iconta which gave high quality images from a 6cm roll film .This was no doubt his favourite camera but sadly it was “Lost” in the post ” .











I remember the insurance company trying to refuse to payout for the loss ,bad mistake !

When they did he moved into the 35m world he purchased a Konika SLR and that served him well until he died .

My first camera was a very cheap ,but manual russian import ,a Cosmic Symbol , a 35m rangefinder cost just over a £1.00! brilliant camera though .Dad would tell me the exposure from the meter on his camera and then I would dial those readings into mine and that taught me about exposure.

When I was 16 years I remember the first “landscape” shot I took in the Tilberthwaite quarry area near Coniston .I looked at the photo after it had been printed and the switch was thrown ,everything seemed to fit at that point ,I was hooked , Landscapes were now my “thing “.

Iceland 2017

So here I am “alone again naturally ” in Iceland .Gilbert O’Sullivan probably didn’t have this view in front of me when he penned these words back in the early 70’s.

But , this time I arrived in Iceland on my Todd !

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