The Lake district 2016

Langdale pikes from Lingmoor in January snow.
Langdale pikes from Lingmoor in January snow.

Hi Everyone

Finally I have an update and have drawn a line under the images taken thus far with a few comments on the future of Photography and its future in the ever changing media world.

First of all new images.Winter had a rough start with plenty of rain but not much of the white stuff,at least for a while .Then in January , in short pulses it appeared ,settling nice and thick on the tops with easy access from the road ,perfect

The Langdale Pikes from Lingmoor red filter 17
The Langdale Pike from Lingmoor fell

So as the temperature had dropped to the point that window cleaning was impossible ( or so I like to think ) my working partner Jason & I headed to Lingmoor via little Langdale ( that way less altitude to climb) .

The conditions were perfect ! Hardly a breath of wind and a northerly advancing Mackerel sky ,mirrored the undulating patterns of the fallen snow.

so both my IPhone 6+ and Nikon D5300 were at full tilt .


 Langdales from Lingmoor,,iphone6+Panoramic mode.
Langdales from Lingmoor,,iphone6+Panoramic mode.


Now here’s a thing ,the above images were taken with each of the cameras .

So look carefully , can you tell? Hmm!

even at A3 it is difficult

This is what I keep saying to the pixel police ,your Camera doesn’t really matter that much ( more to say about this on this link ) concentrate on “the ” image and not “your ” image ,and your pictures will improve .

let’s hear it for the iPhone !

So as the month moved on the snow moved back but the skies kept clear .

A return to some familiar places yield a few good results ,especially some close by .

in particular just up the struggle near Ambleside .Just a 30minute wait caught the sillohette of the tree to stand out against a white fluffy cloud .

The Struggle
The Struggle

Returning a week or so later with snow in the ground didn’t really improve the image ,I felt this the better of the two .

Another couple of weeks and the snow was still around although receding up the mountain tops .The shot below was the best of the day ,strangely at valley level, nothing was improved by climbing 3000ft ! Should have  stayed put .

This is where the iPhone comes into its own with its panoramic feature .You can make the image as wide as you feel necessary without having to crop later .

Nearly fell on sheep taking this image
A glacial moraine ,the great Langdale valley.
Sheep Barn ,great Langdale Valley.stickle Ghyll.

On the same day ,just minutes drive from the last image is a sheep barn that must have been taken hundreds of times ,but every time I visit this there is often a different yet subtle change of light and or weather that creates a different shot .

A couple of months later I took a day off just after they reopened the Grasmere to Keswick road .The previous round trip via Ulster was too far ,but the wait was worth it Traveling through the Newlands valley the clouds seemed locked over the mountain tops ,while the spring sun picked out features in the foreground .There ,in the foreground the was I think a beech tree with its almost luminous new spring foliage .After about 30 minute the sun illuminated it and click !Got it !The sun then vanished as quickly as it appeared .

That really was it for the day although I had a visit at the Honister pass Slate mines and did a reconnoitre of a slaters cottage a top fleet with Pike ,with a view of a return visit in the winter .


Bright tree Spring newlands Valley B
New growth lit in spring sunshine ,Newlands Valley ,near Buttermere.


Wetherlam in the late spring sun.

the above image was taken once again in the last throws of daylight just before I bedded down in the car for the night .That Spring glow was still in the trees and translate well into monochrome with right filter ( yellow or orange will do it )

Finally just as I thought it was all over for this time of the year ,I was nicely surprised when this scene unfolded  in early June ,just when the Hawthorn came out and this beautiful white horse appeared just behind it .I was cleaning windows next door as it turns out and for once in my life I had my camera with me ,what are the odds !

Just finishing work cleaning a customers Windows ,when I spotted this beautiful white horse approach this Hawthorn in full bloom .She managed to stay still for me for a minute or two.


The second program spiller the beans on the location ,just east of the village of Dufton was the valley ( valley doesn’t do it justice ) more like canyon .In fact it was mentioned in the dialogue as being the UKs Grand Canyon.

On Sunday afternoon ,after an hour and a half scramble through the pouring drizzle I arrived .Embarrased to realise how close this place was to home ,just an hour and twenty minutes from Blackpool .I felt such a fool!

within minutes the rain stopped and within 15 mins the clouds bearing the rain moved east to let the sparkling visibility in and lines of sunshine in ,the curtain drew back and there it was ,High cup Nic.

Panoramic ,image High cup nick ,iPhone6+

Geologically its part of the Winsill ,a basalt layer harder than the over and underlying limestone ( this is what I’ve read anyway).This extends to its end on the convoluted cliffs of Hadrians wall .The basalt has cooled more slowly than the Basalt found in the Giant Causway hence the larger columns.(Ive no doubt there is disagreement about this so don’t please email as they wont be answered! No one was a round at the time any way so please take this as a best guess, ( Job 38:4,5).

High cup Nic

so that’s all for at least this side of the summer ,a better winter than expected ,just a couple of images might be added ,but another page on how to cut through the fluff and take better images ,advice without sponsorship + a few recommended links that I have found useful.

oh! and of course a sales page where you buy my photographs ,and previews of how they look on the wall .

please  note some of the links are not functioning just yet, give me couple of  weeks .








































First was a revisit to a favourite spot on the east Lingmoor fell that offered an interesting foreground ,with the grandeur of the Lansdale pikes in the background .A good old roam around and a couple of shots were in the bag.

stumbling around the tree roots of the long Ghyll of conifers above Blea tarn cottage produced my favourite image with gentle shadows adding depth to the foreground .

On the top of the Ghyll ,on the other side of the drystone wall .A view of the Pikes dominated a wider foreground ,waiting 30 minutes or so cirrus clouds completed the sky almost mirroring the texture of the snow.

The next snow fall was a couple of weeks hence and at a slightly higher altitude than the previous fall .The day was clear and started off with an image closer to the head of the Valley near one of the moraine heaps made famous in many images .I must admit I cringe at clichéd images of the lakes (jettys with converging verticles for instance!) so this one I really did try to make different by using the Panoramic mode of myiPhone 6+ and leaning as far as I dare over the gate without falling on a sheep!

Further on just before Stickle barn there is a Sheep barn with some conifers starched out side up the hill ,The shadow on the right side just gives the image depth (stick your finger over it and see what happens ).

As it turns out on the tops ,namely pike o Stickle things didn’t turn out as planned ,large snow carrying clouds quickly formed necessitating a hasty retreat to lower fells .But thats how it goes

Bright tree Spring newlands Valley


The next trip but more of a fall really, was a simple walk out of the car through a gate and took a picture of this unusually shaped conifer contrasted with the the white fluffy cloud behind (took a bit of a wait that did ).

Next stop

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